BBC Radio 5 LIVE With Matt Gould

Originally Featured: BBC Radio 5 live 

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As featured on BBC Radio 5 Live
December 15 2016

"When you think about Artificial Intelligence you may think of super computers that play chess or more darkly the computer HAL in the film “2001 a space odyssey”, well Chief Strategy Officer, Matt Gould from company Arria believes that we are on the brink of a revolution that could see computers communicating with workers and freeing them from excessive number crunching and data interpretation." - Faye Ruscoe 

Hear the rest of the interview below: 

Host of BBC radio 5 Live, Faye Ruscoe caught up with our Chief Strategy Officer Matthew Gould to discuss how Natural Language Generation is transforming data and turning it into useful stories that enhance human decision making in business like never before.

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