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Let your data tell you what's going on 

The Arria NLG Engine transforms the way you use data. It is today’s most powerful Articulate Analytics™ and flexible NLG technology on the market. 

The NLG Engine gives a voice to your data so it can communicate directly with you to tell you what’s happening. Learn how the Engine automates data analysis and interpretation to allow your data to communicate directly with you using patented Natural Language Generation technology.

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Download this NLG White Paper to discover the technology behind the Engine.

Key benefits of the Arria NLG Engine:

  • Real-time data analysis and communication
  • Knowledge capture for future use
  • Scalable embedded expertise
  • Report automation
  • Decision support

Data is meaningless without interpretation; dashboards are meaningless without explanation. Discover the true power of your data by letting it tell you what is going on, in language you understand, using the Arria NLG Engine.

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