Arria NLG Engine - Data in, Language out

 The Arria NLG Engine is a sophisticated AI software that is unlike any Natural Language Generation technology on the market. It is unique because it has two major components, corresponding to the two skills sets that are possessed by any expert who is both an analyst and communicator:

  1. Articulate Analytics™: this where the data science happens. It’s the analytics and interpretation stage that extracts the important facts and insights from the data that should be communicated to the end user.

  2. Advanced NLG: this is where the Engine acts instinctively to work out the best way to communicate the insights, just like an expert in your organization. The Engine produces output using natural language text/speech and, where appropriate, graphical representations of the data.


The Engine does not rely on templates to create output. It’s the combination of Articulate Analytics plus NLG that makes the Arria NLG Engine the most sophisticated NLG software available today. 


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