IBM Watson Health


JOIN US — Thursday, 3 March at 09:30, Newhouse, Lanarkshire

Arria NLG's Chief Scientist, Prof. Ehud Reiter, will be presenting on ways in which NLG will affect the Ecosystem Insights at the IBM Watson Health Event on Thursday March 3rd 2016 in BioCity Lanarkshire Scotland.

The purpose of the event is for universities, content, technology and application partners to collaborate and develop applications with Watson's technology open platform in health.

With leading organizations around the world, IBM Watson's mission is to help physicians change how medicine is taught and practiced, accelerate research and innovation, improve the delivery of health programs and empower individuals with new insights about their health. Come along to find out about how the NLG Platform is injecting artificial intelligence into healthcare.

Visit the event page to find out more.

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