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CloudConstable, the cyber protection innovators, join the Arria Partner Program
Arria NLG is pleased to share the following news regarding one of our newest partners.

Partner Overview: CloudConstable brings enterprise-class predictive and protective analytics to consumers by providing an innovative solution to protect families from cyber threats. Based in Toronto, the company anchors safe family interactions as moderated by an AI assistant that can be configured to monitor online activity to detect potential threats and, if appropriate, intervene before they escalate.

Website: cloudconstable.com

Channel: Partner

Industry Vertical: Cyber Protection

Use Case: CloudConstable will be delivering Arria NLG technology solutions to their clients through their AI powered social hub that protects again cyberthreats. As a partner, CloudConstable provides the consulting and deployment of NLG applications into production. Arria then receives the annual recurring revenue license fees associated with each application directly from the client.

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