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How AI makes our data-driven world more human during COVID-19

inBusiness published an article by Arria CEO, Sharon Daniels, discussing how artificial intelligence can help people understand the complexities of our modern, data-driven life.

The article states: Few things seem more removed from what makes us human than artificial intelligence, its very name a reminder that it imitates a human trait, but is not the real thing.

Yet, in these uncertain times, AI could be the missing element to help bridge the gap between our human need to connect with and understand our world, and the reams of data that help us make decisions about that world and our place in it.

The idea that artificial intelligence can somehow assist in making us more — not less – human seems counterintuitive.

But we see this at work routinely with Natural Language Generation (NLG), a specific field of AI that can transform raw data into an easy-to-understand narrative. What is narrative but a story? And it is through stories that humankind has built cultures, shared information, and passed along knowledge from generation to generation throughout time.


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