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Expert intelligence communicated in seconds

Generate quality Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) reports in seconds with our Artificial Intelligence software. Polus combines technology from IBM Watson with Arria’s NLG Platform to aggregate data from multiple sources, and automatically analyzes and to produce situational analysis reports in seconds.

We embed knowledge from your experts so that the software can identify patterns and quickly report on critical incidents as they occur - reducing time and risk, and saving money.

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The writing process is automated, yet every word reads as if your experts had written it because we embed their expertise and tone of voice through our smart knowledge capture.

Features and benefits:

  • NLG handles multiple incident alerts in parallel, where a human would have to tackle them one at a time.
  • No human error, human bias, or room for differences in judgment. A complete audit trail supports recommendations.
  • The system can help bridge the knowledge gap created by the loss of experienced workers.

Download the use case to learn more

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