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Automated group-wide business intelligence in seconds with co-authoring option.

Cut your reporting from days to seconds with our Artificial Intelligence software. We combine the ability to drill-down from a movement to its root cause, and roll-up the causal chain, with its computational linguistics capability.

You can automate the production and narrated commentary for major sections of your financial report. The key difference is that an Arria NLG application performs this entire process in seconds rather than hours, and we work with you to ensure it’s 100% accurate at point of delivery.

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Features and benefits:

  • Tranform your data so that it can communicate inisights directly to you in seconds.
  • Deliver high-quality, consistent information that is prepared and narrated on-demand.
  • Enhance your teams efficiency and job satisfaction.
  • Embed your best experts knowledge in software.
  • Provide a group-wide view of financial information quickly and easily.

Download the use case to learn more. 

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