The Art and Science of StoryTelling with Data : Webinar


When: December 04 2014

Where: Global

We took part in the BrightTALK Business Intelligence and data analytics online Summit on Thursday 4 December. You can catch up by watching the live recording of our webinar below, by Dr Yaji Sripada, Chief Development Scientist at Arria NLG.

As well as working at Arria NLG, Dr Sripada is a Senior Lecturer in Computing Science at the University of Aberdeen. In this webinar, he shared his vast experience with the audience to explain what data stories are and how we can use them to empower business users of data.

As noted by Dr Sripada ‘Extracting the last ounce of information from data is only half of what data science does, the other half involves carefully filtering information to tell the right story. The art and science of storytelling lies in filtering the right information to gain the intended reader's engagement.’

Watch the live recording of the webinar below, where we discuss:
- What type of technology can enable data storytelling.
- How people and businesses can benefit from data storytelling.
- What data stories can provide that other methods of presenting data cannot.

Live recording:

Webinar: The art and science of story telling with data from Arria NLG on Vimeo.

Catch up on the discussion online using the hash-tag #storytelling #ArriaNLG

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