25th May 2017

Natural Language Generation overview – is NLG worth a thousand pictures?

Original featured: KD Nuggets™

NLG tools automate the analysis and enhance traditional BI platforms by explaining in plain English the significance of visualizations and findings – here is an

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22nd March 2017

How AI is Disrupting the Finance Industry

10th March 2017

Automation is not the enemy

Exerpt taken from original article published by Medium

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9th March 2017

How AI can help media companies create more content

Originally featured: Inma

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8th March 2017

Five things you need to know about NLG

Author: Caroline Smart

The trouble with NLG is that even after you find out what the three letters stand for (Natural Language Generation), you may be none the wiser. It’s when you understand what NLG does, that you appreciate the world of possibilities it opens up.

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23rd February 2017

Automation, employees and the bottom line

Originally featured: CIODive

Though it is often approached with fear, automation doesn’t necessarily mean bad things for employees.

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9th February 2017

NLG Tools Automate Analysis

Originally featured: Eckerson Group

It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. But in the era of big data, a paragraph from a natural language generation (NLG) tool might be worth a thousand pictures.

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2nd February 2017

10 AI companies to watch out for in 2017

Originally featured: Techseen


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18th January 2017

Gartner : NLG will become a standard in analytics

Exerpt taken from original article published by Gartner

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