18th July 2016

5-in-5 with Software Engineer Lucia Ortega

Lucia Ortega is a Software Engineer at Arria NLG. She joined the company in 2012 and has worked on numerous Natural Language Generation applications for Farmlink, Genpact, the oil and gas sector, and financial reporting services.

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8th July 2016

5-in-5 with Software Engineer Alex McCarthy

Alex McCarthy joined Arria NLG’s Sydney team in 2015 as a Software Engineer. Prior to joining Arria, Alex’s professional experience has focused around developing trading systems for investment banks, including two years at Citigroup. He completed his degrees at the University of Technology in Sydney, where he earned a University Medal.  

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3rd June 2016

Why Big Data Needs NLG

Author: Ehud Reiter




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27th May 2016

NLG Humanizes Data

Author: Caroline Smart

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20th May 2016

Using NLG to Produce Newsfeeds

Author: Prof. Ehud Reiter

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3rd May 2016

5-in-5 with Global Head of Technical Business Development Nikhil Ninan


1. What does your role entail as Global Head of Technical Business Development?
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27th April 2016

Sharing the best stats you’ve ever seen

Author: Joe Deely

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7th April 2016

Sharing the Birth of a Word

Author: Matthew Gould

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30th March 2016

Storytelling Dashboards

A lot of data. A lot of analytics capability. A lot of dashboards. All aimed at supporting business users in their quest to make sense of business data. Yet the ‘penny dropping moment’, when the user ‘gets’ the message from data-generated insights, seems to elude organizations.

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