10th January 2017

What is NLG, and how does it relate to NLP and other forms of AI?

Author: Ehud Reiter

I sometimes find that people are confused about the difference between NLG, NLP and AI. This blog aims to make the differences clear.  Apologies in advance for all the acronyms!

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18th November 2016

What does it take to build a machine learning capacity? Less than you think

Originally featured: Hewlett Packard Enterprise 


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22nd September 2016

Arria Supports Research Project

Arria Supports Research Project to Help Non-Speaking People Communicate

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17th June 2016

The 9th Conference on Human System Interaction

When: 6-8 July 2016

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3rd June 2016

Why Big Data Needs NLG

Author: Ehud Reiter




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20th May 2016

Using NLG to Produce Newsfeeds

Author: Prof. Ehud Reiter

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11th May 2016

Artificial intelligence in healthcare: an interview with Prof. Ehud Reiter

Insights from industry

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31st March 2016

Association for Computational Linguistics: Human Language Technologies

When: 12 -17 June, 2016

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24th March 2016

5-in-5 With Prof. Ehud Reiter

1. What does your role entail as Chief Scientist at Arria NLG?

As Chief Scientist I spend a lot of time developing Arria’s core NLG technology. I have worked as a researcher in NLG since the late 1980s, and was one of the founders of Data2text in 2009.

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