AI Summit - New York



When: 1 December 2016

Where: Convene, Times Square, New York, USA 

Arria is delighted to be attending the first AI Summit, New York, where Dr. Robert Dale has been invited to speak and share his insights and experience into NLG technology in his talk:

Let Your Financial Data Speak

Natural Language Generation – NLG – is the subfield of AI that’s concerned with turning data into language. This technology is empowering businesses to automate the analysis and interpretation of their data, and embed their domain expertise into software so that it can write detailed reports in seconds. In this presentation you’ll find out how NLG explains the meaning of data in terms that can be understood by anyone. NLG demystifies data and communicates insights, enabling businesses to act quickly on information that previously took hours or weeks to obtain manually. Applications of NLG are found wherever there’s data that has a story to tell; but it’s proving particularly useful when we’re talking about financial data. We look at three uses cases in the financial services domain where NLG can add value beyond other ways of presenting data. No more puzzling over graphs and charts, wondering ‘But what does it mean?’. Move over, visualization: we’re entering the era of textualization.


The event will bring together speakers from a wide range of industries to discuss and share knowledge about the application of Artificial Intelligence in business. Speakers at the event include representation from Microsoft, Deutsche Bank, American Airlines, RBS and Experian. We're also delighted to be sharing the event with other AI technology leaders including our technology partner IBM Watson.

Join us:

Visit the event website to register and follow the conversation on twitter #AISummit

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