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CTG Insights is our way to share more of what we are seeing, more regularly - by highlighting the trends, players and happenings in the space (amidst all the noise of the daily deal and news flow) that we think you should be paying attention to.

In our third edition of CTG Insights, we have settled into a bit of a rhythm, in terms of what the CTG team is sharing with you.

In this edition, our 'At the Cutting Edge' series brings you our first primers on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and CRISPR. This is part of our ongoing focus to highlight for you enabling technologies which are starting to, or have the potential to have, an impact on many industrial areas. Some of those industries are outside of our purview (e.g. health), but others are clearly front and center – power and energy, construction and building management, automotive and transportation, to name but a few.

Such intersects between industries of interest and newer technological capabilities are the focus of the Digital+Industrial research stream. In this edition, the team addresses two such examples – a look at some applications that IoT is enabling in the Oil & Gas sector, and a new look at the Smart Home (and energy management) through the lens of what tech giants, Amazon and Google, are doing with voice technology. The second is found under Innovators + Incumbents.

Giving voice to the data

While assistants like Siri are good at processing your language, their conversation abilities are limited, and they usually recite back facts from Wikipedia. London-based Arria NLG has developed artificial intelligence on the other end of the spectrum – it converts large data sets into plain sentences and reports. Matt Gould, the company’s Chief Strategy Officer, told us about a few business applications, including one he called “Dave in a Box.” In a past engagement with Shell, Arria engineers combined datasets from sensors on a large deep-water platform with the expertise of Dave, an experienced operational manager.

After learning patterns of his instructions to other operators, the team was able to crunch data sets and send email instructions in Dave’s stead, with his “voice.” Arria is starting to release some applications of its technology more widely. One in particular, Articulator Lite, a cloud-based application allowing companies to generate insights and narratives from their data, will soon be available for free.

Coming out of a series of fascinating conversations with top AI innovators, it is clear that Artificial Intelligence can be applied to more and more use cases relevant to our ecosystem. With ever-growing needs in making sense of large data sets, and managing increasingly complex physical assets, we are quite bullish on the three types of opportunities presented above.

Above article is an excerpt from the original article, page 11 &12. 

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