European Conference on Information Retrieval 2017

 When: 9-13 April 2017

Where: Aberdeen Exhibition & Conference Centre, UK

The European Conference on Information Retrieval (ECIR) focuses on the latest research on information retrieval, including web search.

The conference mostly focuses on academic research, however on its last day the conference has invited ten researchers from leading technology companies, including Arria’s Chief Scientist Prof Ehud Reiter, to present exciting new commercial technologies which will change how people find and use information on the web and elsewhere. Prof Reiter will explain how Arria’s NLG and data-to-text technology can be used to summarise complex information and make it easier for people to understand and benefit from the ever-increasing amounts of data available in 2017, instead of being drowned and overwhelmed by it.


Presentation abstract:

Data-to-text systems use computational linguistics and artificial intelligence techniques to automatically generate summaries in English and other languages of complex data. For example, data-to-text systems can generate written weather forecasts from numerical weather prediction models; summaries of how a patient is doing (for clinicians and also family members) from an electronic patient record; and summaries of key data and contextual information for engineers dealing with malfunctioning equipment. In this talk, Prof Ehud Reiter will describe the technology and some specific systems he has worked on. He will also share his thoughts on why he thinks data-to-text technology is essential for allowing people to benefit from, rather than be drowned by the enormous and ever-increasing amounts of data available in 2016.


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