Gartner : NLG will become a standard in analytics

Exerpt taken from original article published by Gartner



By 2019, natural-language generation will be a standard feature of 90% of modern BI and analytics platforms.

Visualization has been a major driver of modern business intelligence (BI), but data in this form can be difficult to fully interpret. Natural-language generation (NLG) is able to create a written or spoken content-based narrative of data findings alongside the visualizations to produce a full story about key action items. Currently, BI teams integrate stand-alone NLG engines, but as the technology evolves, that will change. NLG will enable next-generation BI and analytics platforms to automatically find, visualize and narrate important findings. The technology will expand analytics to a broad audience as well as reduce time and cost for regular batch reports.

Data and analytics leaders should begin to integrate NLG with existing BI/data discovery and other tools. Monitor potential capabilities and roadmaps of BI, data discovery and data science, as well as emerging startups.

Above article is an excerpt from the original article. 

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