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Arria and TIBCO announce strategic partnership to bring faster understanding of data with natural-language narratives

Collaboration augments BI dashboards with insights written in natural language—provides new starting point for data analytics

NEW YORK, Jul 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Two companies that are leaders in technology innovation—Arria NLG and TIBCO—have joined forces to help the world draw greater meaning from data, opening the doors to better solutions for many of the problems we face.

Already, this strategic partnership has assisted people by giving them an improved understanding of COVID-19 data in the context of whichever places around the world they most urgently need information on. Arria’s natural language generation software was used in a TIBCO Spotfire COVID-19 dashboard to provide key data insights into the impact of the disease from the local level to the global level.

TIBCO data scientists aggregate massive amounts of data for reporting in their dashboards, which include maps, graphs, and other visualizations to illustrate what’s happening around the world. Arria’s NLG software (www.arria.com) then uses artificial intelligence to transform the data into dynamically generated written narratives, helping dashboard viewers better understand what the data is telling them. People can more easily see trends in the virus numbers, such as what areas are experiencing fewer cases, whether there are any upticks, and what’s happening with the numbers as states reopen. ...



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