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Business intelligence reporting today: The might of natural language generation

AI Time Journal published an article featuring Arria's Chief Product Officer, Ross Turner, SVP of Customer Success, Bryan Zwahlen, and Arria Partner Deloitte DE.

The article states: Long gone are the days when organizations were dependent on IT teams for Business Intelligence reporting. Back then, IT teams typically had to adjust data models to facilitate specific questions upfront, were exceedingly slow to change models for any additional questions, and made users wait weeks and months for insights from stale, historic data.

Today, Business Intelligence reporting is almost exclusively self-service, due in no small part to the influence of Natural Language Generation. Adding NLG to myriad BI tools is integral to generating narratives about the import of data to specific business objectives. Moreover, it supports ad-hoc questions and, when implemented in the proper solution, underpins conversational AI interactions with datasets for unparalleled perceptivity into data’s significance for next best actions.



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