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Catching up with Sharon Daniels, CEO of Arria NLG, a Natural Language Generation technology company

NJ Tech Weekly published an article, based on their interview with Arria CEO Sharon Daniels, discussing Arria's past, present, and future as a technology pioneer. They also go over Arria's integrations for Microsoft Excel and Power BI.

The article states: “The integration of Arria with Microsoft Excel, which allows any of Microsoft’s 1.2 billion users of the product to generate a narrative from Excel spreadsheets within their workflow. Sharon Daniels said, ‘We’re not asking anybody to change their workflow, to go outside of the application. You don’t have to jump from Excel to another application. If you’re an expert, you get speed and efficiency. If you’re not an expert, you get access to expertise because we’re doing all the writing of the analytics expert. You never have to spell check. You never have to check your grammar or your punctuation.’”

“‘We’ve done all the computational linguistics, with advanced analytics built into the algorithms, so we’re turning, you know, just 10,000 rows, a 50-column-wide Excel spreadsheet into a bullet-filled written report, pulling important insights to the surface,’ Daniels said. And if the facts change or you need to include another data set, ‘all you have to do is regenerate the report.’”


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