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Data-driven storytelling opens analytics to all

TechTarget published an article explaining the importance of storytelling when trying to understand and interpret data. The article is based on many interviews with industry leaders including Arria CEO Sharon Daniels and Arria SVP Lyndsee Manna.

The article states: “Data-driven storytelling has the potential to revolutionize analytics. One of the great challenges of analytics has been making it accessible to more than just the trained experts within an organization, the data analysts who understand how to interpret data and use it to make informed decisions.”

“And just as visualizations helped make data more digestible a decade or so ago and augmented intelligence is making analytics platforms easier for untrained users to navigate, data-driven storytelling can put business intelligence in the hands of a wider audience.”

“But unlike data visualizations and AI, technologies that only marginally extend the reach of analytics, data-driven storytelling can have a wider impact in enterprises.”

“Data storytelling, simply, is an automatically generated explanation of data. It's the story of the data under analysis, that interpretation that if left to someone without an expertise in data analysis can be dangerous. It's that story put in a narrative form rather than just straight analysis of the data.”


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