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“How NLG technology can provide comfort in a changing world”

Forbes published an article by Arria CEO, Sharon Daniels, discussing how adding NLG narrative to complex data can immediately bring understanding.

The article states: “As people and businesses around the world depend on news more than ever, we have a greater need for information we can trust and understand. We do our best to stay informed so we can manage our way forward. We want facts with context.”

“The real value of information is being able to understand it. This is best achieved when information is communicated in the way humans know best: through language. This is where technology like natural language generation (NLG) steps in. NLG software transforms data into language you would think humans wrote. It takes in structured data and autogenerates written or spoken stories about the most important insights.”

The article goes on to discuss the power of language and how data is the fuel of the future—and explains how NLG technology is the vehicle that enables a better understanding of data.


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