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AnalyticsWeek: Natural Language Generation — anytime, anywhere

AnalyticsWeek published an article how Arria NLG makes it possible to easily add Natural Language Generation (NLG) to platforms, dashboards, and web-based applications.

The article states: Organizations are increasingly turning to Natural Language Generation (NLG) to supplement the insights they receive from conventional dashboards, visualizations, and workflows. Competitive business intelligence platforms incorporate NLG as part of their suite of capabilities to assist with interpreting the results of analytics.

According to Arria NLG CEO Sharon Daniels, NLG’s written summaries ensure “information contained within the data’s insights can be quickly delivered across the enterprise and communicated in the form of language, which is still the greatest form of communication for ease of understanding.”

Today, organizations can access this cognitive computing technology as part of their own bespoke solutions for data analysis. There are options that make available enterprise class NLG via Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and Software Development Kits (SDKs). Thus, instead of developing their own NLG platforms or integrating with third-party analytics vendors, organizations can now “add NLG as a language layer to any dashboard,” Daniels confirmed. ...


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