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Silicon Review names Arria one of 50 Best Companies to Watch in 2020

Arria is pleased to announce that Silicon Review magazine has selected Arria as one of the 50 Best Companies to Watch in 2020. In describing Arria’s selection, the magazine states: "With its patented natural language generation technology, Arria NLG is transforming the language and cognitive branch of AI."

The article, which also features a excellent, far-reaching interview with Arria CEO, Sharon Daniels, continues:

As the Power of Language moves rapidly from the mind of man to the machine in the form of software, life will change for everyone, everywhere, in ways that cannot yet be imagined. The highest output, the presentation layer, of the most advanced analytics applications in the world remain largely tabulated reports and visualizations.

NLG augments graphs and charts with the Power of Language with rich, compelling narratives that are automatically generated by the platforms like Arria NLG Studio.

When combined with four other key AI technologies, the emerging impact of NLG on the Datasphere and our lives will be measured in trillions of dollars—not billions. McKinsey & Co. have observed that NLG is one of five core technologies enabling an economic impact estimated to be US $5.0 – $6.7 trillion annually by 2025. ...


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