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The Smart City Journal: Can Artificial Intelligence Outsmart COVID-19?

The Smart City Journal published an article, based on their interview with Arria CEO Sharon Daniels, discussing how artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language generation (NLG) are affecting real change in the impact of environmental sustainability in both public and private sectors.

The article states: “Tax revenue in cities across the country has been in free-fall, courtesy of COVID-19, while expenditures continue to rise. As a result, many economists fear that the coronavirus pandemic is on pace to hit municipal finances even harder than the Great Recession.”

“Recent economic indicators, however, paint a more optimistic picture; CNBC reported that unemployment dropped well below expectations with governments doing the most hiring. As the pendulum swings out of the red—albeit gradually—municipalities must stay the course with sustainable smart city projects for the long-term public good.”

“We sat down with Sharon Daniels, CEO of Arria NLG, to discuss how artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT) and other technologies foster Smart City adoption, as well as help municipalities navigate their way through the pandemic. She is also a member of the Forbes Technology Council Member and one of the leading entrepreneurs in the artificial intelligence.”

The article then proceeds to report on Ms. Daniels' answers to six key questions addressing AI, NLG, and the future—and how these key technologies can empower municipal budget expenditures, improve workforce efficiency, maximize revenue potential, and improve quality of life for constituents. It’s a great read.


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