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The Zenith of Natural Language Technologies: Conversational AI

InsideBigData published an excellent article based on their recent interview with Arria CEO Sharon Daniels covering Arria’s NLG technology breakthroughs in Conversational AI.

The article states: "Conversational AI is the layman’s term for Natural Language Interaction (NLI), a subset of Natural Language Processing (NLP) that involves almost all natural language technologies. NLI synthesizes aspects of NLP, Natural Language Understanding (NLU), Natural Language Generation (NLG), and Natural Language Querying (NLQ) to facilitate the rapid, conversational exchanges of popular platforms such as Amazon Alexa, for example.” ...

"The junction of these natural language capabilities enables what Arria NLG CEO Sharon Daniels termed “answers on demand”, which is pivotal for interacting with analytics, Business Intelligence, and workflows in a rapid, conversational manner that’s influential for setting the pace of business today.”

The article goes on to discuss how Arria NLG’s Conversational AI capabilities will impact the future of business analytics and reporting.


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