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Best Practice Tips & Tricks

13th October 2020

Make use of Alias field during data configuration

Make use of the Alias field during the “Tell me about your data” configuration step where...

13th October 2020

Avoid irrelevant details in your Power BI narrative

When using the Power BI add-in, try to only select measures and dimensions that are relevant to...

13th October 2020

Experiment with narrative length

In NLG Apps, try each of the “narrative length” options in step 3 of the configuration process....

13th October 2020

Order is important in NLG Apps

Order is important in NLG Apps. The step-by-step process will guide you to setting up how you...

13th October 2020

Time-based variance narrative configuration

For time-based variance narrative, only select the measure you want to analyze (eg....

13th October 2020

Assign entity types for correct narratives

In NLG Apps, make sure you choose the “Entity Type” for your selected measures and dimensions in...

13th October 2020

Include the correct data in your narratives

Due to the way the Power BI ecosystem works, the Arria add-in only has access to the measures...

13th October 2020

Time-based narrative configuration

In NLG Apps, use a “Date Hierarchy” for your dates in Power BI. This will automatically create...

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