28th March 2019

The BBC publishes article detailing the successful launch of its journalism partnership with Arria NLG

Three weeks ago, Arria announced that the BBC, the world’s leading public service broadcaster, had joined the Arria family of new clients. Last week, the BBC published an article featuring the work they’re doing with Arria’s NLG technology.

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7th November 2018

CAI joins Arria’s ecosystem of NLG partners

Arria is pleased to welcome Computer Aid, Inc (CAI) to its growing list of NLG global partners.

Partner Overview: CAI provides information technology services to Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies.

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19th September 2018

A.I. Could Spur Global Growth As Much As The Steam Engine

CNBC published an article reviewing the findings of a report of the McKinsey Global Institute on the growing Artificial Intelligence market. Highlights include:

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19th February 2018

Arria Named One of the 10 Most Trusted Big Data Analytics Companies

Analytics Insight magazine names Arria NLG one of “The 10 Most Trusted Big Data Analytics Companies” which are providing distinguished and diversified solutions

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16th February 2018

Arria NLG featured in Forbes Article

IN OUR EVERYDAY LIVES, we encounter natural language generation (NLG) in many ways that go beyond asking Alexa for the forecast or Siri for directions. As the technology for natural language generation improves, we will experience even more applications where machines produce

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25th May 2017

Natural Language Generation overview – is NLG worth a thousand pictures?

Original featured: KD Nuggets™

NLG tools automate the analysis and enhance traditional BI platforms by explaining in plain English the significance of visualizations and findings – here is an

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22nd March 2017

How AI is Disrupting the Finance Industry

10th March 2017

Automation is not the enemy

Exerpt taken from original article published by Medium

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9th March 2017

How AI can help media companies create more content

Originally featured: Inma

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