14th November 2016

Arria’s Robert Dale: ‘If Data Requires Explanation, Natural Language Generation is the Solution!’

Originally featured: AI Business 

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21st October 2016

Internet of Things Personified: Integration and Automation

Originally featured: ITBusinessEdge

The new era of interconnected life is here. And, as our technology advances, we are surrounded by more and more sensors gathering data — allowing our machines to speak to each other and speak to us via the Internet of Things (IoT).

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28th September 2016

How Do You Know Your Artificial Intelligence is Intelligent?

Originally featured: Signal AFCEA

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21st September 2016

Product Launch of Recount Q&A

Originally featured on: Directors Talk

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15th September 2016

Natural Language Generation Software turns data into plain English

Originally featured:  TechTarget

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7th September 2016

Arria's Future-Proof NLG

New regulations for AI decision-making and the ‘right to explanation’

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6th September 2016

Why the Finance Industry is Ripe for AI Disruption

Originally featured: Techonomy 

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31st August 2016

Why Automating Narratives is Key to Understanding Big Data

24th August 2016

AI's Major Role in EU's New Data Privacy Regulations

Originally featured on: Tech Zone 360°
By Special Guest, Dr Nikhil Ninan, PhD, Global Head of Technical Business Development, Arria NLG

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