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27th March 2020

7 Use-Cases for Natural Language Generation in Finance

"Peering into an ocean data that’s complex and interwoven can be intimidating, especially when it’s up to you to grasp the underlying meaning and report on it. Through the use of natural language generation in finance, you’ll be able to convert large and disperse financial datasets into meaningful written narratives with a press of a button."

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17th February 2020

Part 3: The power of natural language generation to increase the ROI of BI

Many BI dashboards use NLG technology to produce analytical narratives the complement data visualizations and also highlight insights not shown in visuals. Identifying and highlighting not-so-obvious trends and correlations with NLG increases the value and reach of BI, providing actionable insights and greater transparency to decision makers.

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6th February 2020

Part 2: The driving forces behind intelligent automation

RPA’s influence on intelligent automation

According to findings from a recent Economist Intelligence Unit study, more than 90 percent of the 502 global executives surveyed said that their organizations are using automation technologies (like RPA), and most are satisfied with the returns they are seeing.

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3rd February 2020

How intelligent automation fuels digital transformation, Part 1: Why do we need automation?

The ability to give people the information they need when and where they need it is paramount for any enterprise. Solutions that deliver access to actionable insights based on trustworthy, real-time data are invaluable for business executives.

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31st January 2020

Arria showcases automated Clinical Safety Reports at the DIA Pharmacovigilance and Risk Management Strategies Conference

This week we showcased automated Clinical Safety Reports at DIA’s Pharmacovigilance and Risk Management Strategies Conference. At the show we featured the work we are doing with various pharmaceutical companies to expedite and improve their reporting. We have helped these companies with financial reporting as well as with other drug lifecycle-focused use cases.

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29th January 2020

Video: Arria NLG and UiPath spread the word about the power of Automation and Language

You heard right! Arria NLG and UiPath are collaborating again to spread the word around the power of Automation and Language.

This video features Arria’s own Jay Dewalt, COO, and UiPath’s Chet Chambers, VP and Chief Evangelist.

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10th January 2020

How financial institutions become data-literate

Data-literate companies possess the ability to retrieve, structure, analyze, consume and leverage data to their advantage.

A seemingly infinite number of sources continue to produce endless streams of data that grow deeper, more complicated and granular each day. In banking, this means that fluency in the practices of data analytics and data science is paramount.

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18th November 2019

Augmenting Automation Workflows with RPA+NLG

Arria hosted a new and well-attended webinar last Thursday, November 14, to discuss how two pivotal technologies—Natural Language Generation and Robotic Process Automation—can work together to expedite the flow of information within businesses. Because of the groundswell of interest, we have added the subject to our regular rotation of webinar topics.

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11th November 2019

Arria scientists report on successful conference at INLG 2019 in Tokyo

Now home in Scotland after taking part in the 12th International Conference on Natural Language Generation, Arria’s Chief Scientist & University of Aberdeen Professor Ehud Reiter and Applied Research Scientist Craig Thomson had lots to share about their experiences.

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